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same as the other Bandit pin, but this one comes with a randomized sketch of one of the Descender characters by the series artist Dustin Nguyen ( me!). You've got a chance of getting Tim21, Telsa, Bandit, Driller,... ???

each one is drawn original and done in color pencil or ink, on a separate 2"x3.25" backcard and signed.

description of pin-
a soft enamel metal lapel pin of Bandit ( from the Image comic Descender!) from one of my fun sketches, roughly 1.25" tall, totally limited, and totally ARF!

portions of the proceeds go towards the CBDLF (http://cbldf.org) and the Hero Initiative (https://www.heroinitiative.org) this SDCC season, both great non profit organizations I've worked with for years, aiding creators and those involved in the comic book industry.

ships in mid July! I apologise in advance that shipping overseas cost so damn much.